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"CODENAME: BLACK DEATH is a great superhero thriller and a great introduction to the Triumph comic universe. The first issue held my attention and left me wanting more, which to my delight I had! Marshall Ahrens is an interesting character, very real to me because he's not the typical vigilante justice seeker with a miraculous grasp of his newfound skills that you find in most other comics of this type. He makes mistakes, some pretty big ones in fact, in spite of his military training, but they're born out of his anger and desire for vengeance for what happened to his brother and his family. He's a hot-headed, spur-of-the-moment kind of guy, not always likeable, prone to misjudgement at times, who begins to learn that people aren't always what they seem and that sometimes you have to put aside impulse and anger to achieve your goal. He's no perfectly moral, instantly skillful user of enhanced science; he's a flawed human being learning to use fantastic weapons in a bad situation. There aren't enough human beings in comics these days (though that does seem to be changing, too slowly), so Marshall is a refreshing change. The conspiracy he's fighting against is intriguing too. I'd like to see more revealed about Senator McDonald and what exactly he's into. More of Decker as Skate (kudos for creating another complex character who's also a foil for our hero). Even more of Foley, of whom I'd also like to know how he became a Marine! My biggest hope is that these first four issues are only the beginning of Black Death's adventures, that this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as the conspiracy goes, and that Marshall, Foley and maybe Troy will be back to fight back and expose the truth. Maybe they will even interact with AGENTS OF TALON, the supergroup whose own title is being advertised in the back of each issue of CODENAME: BLACK DEATH If that title is as well-written and drawn as Codename: Black Death, it should be a definite treat. In other words, give me more! Kudos to you, Steve, and to El Dazo (the artist) for creating a phenomenal comic experience, and for inspiring me to spout such hyperbole. But the comic really is that great."

-John T, Wisconsin

Agents of Talon comic book logo
Agents of Talon comic book shield logo

“G.I. Joe with heart, that's Agents of Talon. You'll want to read more about these characters.”


Comic's Buyer's Guide

 "Agents of Talon is a great action-packed and emotional ride.  A definite must for anyone who enjoys great characters and a well-written story."

Silver Bullet Comics

"Agents of Talon brings old-school military-action fun back to comics."


Wizard Magazine

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