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So much to do and talk about, where to start? How about introductions!

Hello! I'm Mark, and along with my brother Steve, I'm one half of the team that makes up Triumph Comics. We are two brothers with a lifelong passion for comic books, that started waaay back in the 80's when we were excited to make the weekly visit to our local comic shop, Tim's Corner in Rock Island, Illinois. This was way back when comics and superheroes were more niche, and the movies were unconnected (and not particularly great--sorry Dolph but Punisher without the Skull is like Superman without the 'S'!).

We even played the Marvel Super Heroes RPG and created our own characters to play in the game (more on this later).

Fast forward to today, that passion for comics has never waned--we're still into comics stronger than ever, watching the shows, and I'm even doing a little youtube content revolving on comic-related content. And we've self-published a few books even!

And naturally, we are developing new comics based on many of the characters we created in our youth. Steve is primarily the writer, and I'm the jack-of-all-trades, doing whatever it takes to keep him focused on crafting a solid, unique story. Steve has a natural knack for humor and plot twists, some of which shocked me when he told me what direction he was going in.

I welcome you to join us on our journey to make kick-A55 comics!



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