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Agents of Talon #1

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Welcome to Talon - the most powerful military institution in the world! Ivan the Dominator has been amassing his forces underneath the radar of Talon. Now, there’s only one thing Talon can do; send in a specialist – the Air Enforcer! Will Talon’s superhero--the Air Enforce--be enough to stop the biggest threat the world has ever seen?

1st appearances: Air Enforcer, Victor Edge, Ivan the Dominator.

40 page One-Shot, includes backup story "Training Day".

“G.I. Joe with heart, that's Agents of Talon. You'll want to read more about these characters.” -Comic's Buyer's Guide

"Agents of Talon is a great action-packed and emotional ride. A definite must for anyone who enjoys great characters and a well-written story." -Silver Bullet Comics

"Agents of Talon brings old-school military-action fun back to comics." -Wizard

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