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Codename: Black Death #1-4

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Discover how Marshall Ahrens, a Marine Corps Special Forces leader, becomes the infamous Black Death in this introduction and origin story, and follow him as he discovers the real threats to the security of his country in one of the most intense and exciting adventures of the year! For Black Death, the motives are good...but the methods are brutal.

1st appearances: Black Death, S.K.A.T.E, Smiles, James Foley, General Hayes

Includes Codename: Black Death #1-4. 92 pages.

"Codename: Black Death is a great superhero thriller and a great introduction to the Triumph comic universe."-John T, Wisconsin

If (Triumph) continues to turn out comics of this caliber, then it will easily rise up and challenge the big dogs.” -Silver Bullet Comics

“Fans of indie action comics should check this one out.” -Comics Buyer’s Guide

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